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Expert Spotlight Paul Coleman - May 2024

What is your role now since leaving corporate life?

I have set up my own consultancy company - Earlham Risk and Management Services - to provide high level skills and experiences to meet the needs of the new breed of dynamic insurance providers

How long have you been an expert of Camelot? 

Since March (2024) - I’m serving my probation! 

Have you been a panel expert on any Road Tests?

Yes - my first was on 1st May (2024) so fresh in the mind  - with who are also a corporate partner. It’s always good to hear new ideas and initiatives and hopefully be in on the start of something transformative. As with the clinics and other Camelot events, it’s good to hear the wide range of different perspectives and expertise that we bring to the table

Are you a leader or a member of a Camelot Special Interest Group?

I’ve just joined the Reinsurance Special Interest Group. I’ve been a buyer of Re for a number of years and that's included some unusual and niche structures. Hopefully my insights as a buyer - both corporate and specialist niche - will be useful. I have no doubt that I’ll learn plenty and it's something that’s always interested me

Area of expertise:-

Strategic leadership.

Highest/proudest most recognisable previous role:-

I was Managing Director of NPA Insurance Ltd for 15 years.

How long have you been doing this subject/area:- 

I have been in management for most of my career - in strategic leadership roles of various types for over 30 years

What is your company name?  

What is your LinkedIn profile URL? 

Please can you provide some examples of recent projects/professional high point that you’ve worked on?

I think providing an indemnity solution to the NHS that was adopted across the UK to enable the mass Covid vaccination programme is a stand out in terms of reach (yes, those jabs you had were covered by a PI policy!)

I’ve been involved in a number of startups and diversifications/expansions in a number of guises. Seeing those succeed is always satisfying regardless of scale - as is seeing individuals I have coached/mentored achieve significant career advancement.

What is your unique selling point? What makes your business approach unique? 

It may not be unique but I’ve been there and done it, successfully, in leadership roles ranging from blue-chip corporate to niche and fast-moving start-ups. I have an ability to translate learnings from a long and varied set of experiences into solutions for the challenges of the present day.

Do you have a Favourite quote?

‘Life’s too short for instant coffee’.

A marketing line from the 80s that’s stuck in my head!  For me, it resonates on some philosophical levels- as well as warning people about my coffee snobbery

Any professional goals for the upcoming year?

Yes. Establish and grow my own consultancy business as well as working with a small team in getting a start-up insurance company project off the ground.

And… Last but not least, how does being an expert of Camelot help you/or add value to your business?

I'm relatively new to Camelot but it’s already proved extremely valuable - it’s widened my network and presented collaboration opportunities and also helped provide some clarity around business planning and horizon seeking (personal and professional). It is being particularly useful in setting me up for hitting this year’s professional goals. I’ve always regarded myself as a team player and Camelot has the feel of being part of a wider something.

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