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Camelot Collaboration Workshop: 

Engage in a Camelot Collaboration Workshop to delve deeper into specific topics, seek solutions for insurance challenges, or gain insights on your strategy from an external perspective. Our Camelot Experts and Corporate Partners possess extensive knowledge, experience, and insights to help you achieve your goals. We dedicate time to understand your needs, identify the best individuals to enhance your business, coordinate and facilitate the meeting, and document agreed-upon actions.


Tried and Tested Services: 

As a Camelot member, you gain access to our tried-and-tested packages:

  1. Tender Writing Service: Receive thorough preparation and a full-day workshop dedicated to understanding your business needs and crafting tender proposals. We work with you to pre-agree assessment criteria for submissions. Following the receipt of responses, we provide a half-day review session to offer our insights on selecting the best partner for your requirements.

  2. Technology Vendor and Insurtech Consultancy: Navigating the landscape of technology vendors and Insurtech solutions can be daunting. Turn to Camelot for expert guidance on the latest market solutions, recommended partners, and insights into potential challenges to aid your decision-making process.

  3. Data Workshop: Unlock the potential of data within your business with a tailored workshop at Camelot. Our experts will assist you in finding, identifying, integrating, utilizing, and reporting on data, simplifying your data journey for improved decision-making and performance.

  4. Insurance Industry 101: Introduce your team members who are new to the insurance industry or in need of a refresher to the fundamentals with our half-day workshop. We demystify the world of insurance, covering key concepts, acronyms, and industry history to accelerate their understanding and increase their chances of success.

To find out more, please contact Caroline Ellicott at and subscribe here.

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