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As a corporate partner, you open the door to our complete range of support and services through an annual, fully encompassing package.

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Software Development

Addresscloud's award-winning platform provides leading insurers with APIs and applications to make better underwriting decisions.  From capturing an accurate address to pre-filling quotation forms, understanding peril and climate risk and avoiding expensive accumulation issues


IT Services & IT Consulting

At adesso, we are rethinking insurance for stringent processes, pragmatic products, and innovative projects. Our blend of technological expertise and specialist industry knowledge has already won over a multitude of insurers. Over 95% of Germany’s top insurers choose to work with us and tackle the digital transformation together. Review our service portfolio and discover the reasons first-hand.

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Asanto is a cloud based, SaaS solution that enables insurers to design, launch and manage financial services products at incredible speed. Its no-code approach allows users to react quickly to changing market conditions and take first-mover advantage, expanding the power of change beyond IT teams.

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Software & Technology

Claim Technology helps insurers future-proof claims. Its no-code/low-code design studio, cloud apps and insurtech APIs empower operations and IT teams to rapidly automate in the cloud, with plugins to a marketplace of 70 insurtechs.


IT Services & Consulting

With an estimated 300,000 Regulatory Events globally to sift through each year, Corlytics helps insurance companies identify new regulations and threats, and constructs robust controls around monitoring and oversight by routing content to the relevant people, to ensure appropriate regulatory policies are in place with end-to-end auditability.

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IT Services & Consulting

By combining years of insurance knowledge, data, analytics and technology expertise, Dataryst's people-first services and solutions can help you make the most out of your investments, create competitive advantages and make faster & better decisions.

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IT services and IT consulting


Digiata is a financial software solutions provider offering customised software and technical solutions to businesses. With a comprehensive range of products and solutions as well as extensive experience with the automation and integration of business processes and systems, we create software and IT solutions that help businesses increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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The Digital Insurer has the worlds largest knowledge base on digital insurance and a community of more than 40,000 people interested in working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance.


Software Development


eGain (NASDAQ: EGAN) is the leading provider of cloud customer engagement hub software. For over a decade, eGain solutions have helped improve customer experience, optimize service process, and grow sales across the web, social, and phone channels.


Software & Technology

Endava helps organisations improve efficiency, responsiveness, and customer engagement. Leveraging next-generation technologies, Endava accelerates a customer’s ability to deliver digital and agile transformation and takes advantage of new business models and market opportunities.

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IT Services & IT Consulting

Expleo is a global engineering, technology and consulting service provider specialising in digital transformation. We partner with leading organisations to guide them through their business transformation.

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IT Services & IT Consulting

Genasys is a full-stack, cloud-based, modular insurance solution for insurers, MGAs and brokers. Software is key to the success of any insurance business regardless of their size, their location, their lines of business – and our comprehensive front to back end insurance solution can help them scale and optimise their operations.


IT System Custom Software Development


ICE's award-winning Policy and Claims insurance software resolves the restraints of the insurance industry. Whether that’s legacy migration, lack of innovation, agility or product control, ICE offers an innovative, flexible and modern solution in a rapid implementation.


Software Development

Infinity is the leading call intelligence platform. Providing transformational business tools to gain intelligence from every conversation with prospects and customers. To drive more sales, optimise marketing and streamline operations.

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Software development

The INSTANDA platform enables carriers and MGAs to create, build and implement complex insurance products in a matter of weeks or months. Capitalise on opportunities and be first to market, all while lowering overall TCO.

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InsureMO helps to create new insurance propositions, digitise current ones and connect overall propositions to the global insurance ecosystem through restful APIs and a Microservices architecture, enabling a faster and deeper level of innovation and connectivity.

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IT Services & IT Consulting

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a global leader in information management, innovative storage, data center infrastructure, and asset lifecycle management. Founded in 1951 and trusted by more than 225,000 customers worldwide, Iron Mountain serves to protect and elevate the power of our customers’ work.

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Small Business Insurance

Markel Direct offer specialist insurance, combined with unique support services, for contractors, freelancers, small businesses, tradespeople, charities and community groups.  Markel are an award-winning insurer, trusted by over 200,000 customers and have over 25 years of experience insuring a wide range of businesses, professions, social welfare and charitable organisations. 


IT System Custom Software Development

For 25 years, Metasite's insurance-literate engineering teams have been helping leading UK and European insurers redesign and rapidly modernise their legacy systems, integrate and launch new digital services, and build highly performant data platforms.


IT System Custom Software Development

Novidea is a leading provider of the only born-on-the-cloud, data-driven insurance platform that enables brokers, coverholders and MGAs to manage the customer insurance journey, end-to-end, and drive growth across the entire insurance distribution lifecycle

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IT System Custom Software Development


The Quadient portfolio of CXM technology enables organisations to transform the experiences for their customers through timely, optimised, contextual, highly individualised, and accurate communications for all channels.

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IT services and IT consulting


Quantee is a SaaS Platform bringing the power of AI and startup agility to P&C/Health insurance pricing. Quantee is a super easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution enabling insurance companies to build and manage the most competitive pricing up to 10x faster.

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IT services and IT consulting


Quantexa’s Contextual Decision Intelligence is a new approach to data that gives organizations the ability to connect internal and external data sets to provide a single view, enriched with intelligence about the relationships between people, places and organizations.

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IT System Custom Software Development


A rapidly growing insurtech software company working with global industry leaders. We’ve been transforming the world of commercial insurance since 2017. Blending a composable SaaS platform with deep industry knowledge & open-minded collaboration, we’ve reshaped & enhanced the processes of some of the most innovative insurance companies in the market. The modular Send Insurance Platform allows components to be easily added & combined, enabling you to build a solution that addresses business needs & seamlessly scales as you grow.


IT Services & IT Consulting


Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics company. It enables insurers to solve their most complex business challenges in key strategic areas such as customer experience, combined ratio, and capturing the climate opportunity

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IT services and IT consulting

Verisk Speciality Business Solutions (SBS) is a leading insurance and reinsurance software specialist that operates in the London and US insurance markets. Verisk SBS is part of a global organisation that is synonymous with industry innovation and driven by leading experts in their field and have a strong track record for delivering successful transformation programmes for underwriters, brokers and MGAs within the Lloyd’s, companies and international insurance/reinsurance sector

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IT Services & IT Consulting


Reliable software is key to succeeding in the modern business world. And where off-the-shelf tools aren’t enough, we build solutions from the ground up. From design to development (or even post-release), we’re not just a service provider – but an additional team member.

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IT services and IT consulting

As a solution partner, Zuhlke inspires our customers and turn visions and ideas into real-life results, applying cross-industry experience and our extensive expertise in business and technology. We combine our knowledge of engineering and IT, opening up new paths for our customers and implementing our projects quickly and reliably – and sometimes in unusual ways.

Partners FAQs
  • What is a Corporate Partner?
    A Corporate Partner is a Solution Provider who pays to get exclusive access to the network, on an annual basis.
  • Who is a Corporate Partnership for?
    They are (normally) a vendor who wants to offer a platform, technology or service to insurance companies to solve an industry problem. They can either be new to insurance and want to raise their profile and get help on their offering, or be established as a start-up/scale-up and are looking to grow.
  • What do we offer a Corporate Partner?
    Branding on our site and marketing materials A “Meet the Corporate Partner” session with members on Zoom The ability to ask questions to the network Exclusive access to Camelot Connect events.
  • What benefit do you get from a Corporate Partnership?
    Raised brand awareness Interacting with Experts to gain knowledge of the industry Interacting with our insurance business contacts at our Camelot Connect events Introductions made by Experts to their insurance business contacts
  • Why do we do a Corporate Partnership?
    These Corporate Partnerships bring in necessary funding. This funding enables us to cover costs, for example paying for the wonderful services of Bright Lights, that mean the network keeps on running! Our core aim is to help you all with opportunities and a platform to grow and network - the Corporate Partnerships enable us to do just that.
  • How does a Corporate Partnership impact you as an Expert?
    If you engage - you can build connections, share expertise, find paid consulting work, and even get referral fees. (If you don’t engage - you may notice their branding around, and may come across them at the Camelot Connect events, but otherwise there is nothing required of you.)
  • How do you get involved with a Corporate Partner?
    Come along to the “Meet the Corporate Partner” sessions View their bio-pages on our website Check out their website (link on their bio-page) Get in contact with them for a chat
  • How can you help?
    If you like their offering… Suggest them as an option to your insurance contacts - this can lead to that referral fee. You might even be involved in helping them onboard with your contacts. (If you don’t like their offering… Why is that? - get in contact, share your wisdom and build a relationship offering advice, this may lead to paid consultancy.) Bigger scale, if you know of any companies who might benefit from a Corporate Partnership, then please do an intro for them to David Clamp. If they become a Corporate Partner, there can be a referral fee!
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