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Camelot can provide precious insight and offer a major competitive advantage - when selling to a sector for the first time, or deepening your position across the market.

Stage a road test
Insurance 101

Stage A Road Test

Want to rehearse and refine your pitch in front of supportive industry experts before you have to do it for real?

Knowing exactly how to position and market what you have to offer is rarely straightforward – especially if you have a new product or are breaking into an unfamiliar sector. When something new is involved, you can never be completely confident about the outcome – no matter how carefully you plan and prepare.

After all, getting it wrong can be expensive and result in a lot of wasted time and effort.

A road test will match you with a hand-selected team of Camelot experts with vast experience in your target senior industry roles. Our expert members will provide unfettered and invaluable feedback on your business intentions.

The Camelot Road Test is an ideal sounding board for your pitch.  Many of our members have just left the very roles you need to target in corporate organisations and can give you the insight you need

Our road tests provide:

  • Two hours with a panel of 12-15 experts who’ve ‘been there and done it’ in your target roles and market.

  • A chance to present your pitch, then receive honest reviews and constructive feedback to improve it.

  • A way to maximise your investment’s value and success of your pitch.

  • The ability to form commercial relationships with panel members.

  • Social media coverage post-event to market your company to 3000+ connections across the industry.

  • A detailed written record of the session.

Insurance Industry 101


“We’re new to insurance and its complicated….”


  • Ever found yourself wondering….

  • If a cat loss is to do with pet insurance ?

  • What on earth MGA, GWP or IBNR means ?

  • Why do companies “cede” risks to a Re-Insurer?

  • You hear about the COR improving, but have no idea of the relevance…has someone been doing lots of sit ups ?


As this wonderful and rather complicated world of insurance is full of these expressions and acronyms, at Camelot we have developed an “Insurance Industry 101” half day training workshop designed for startups, scale-ups and service providers new to the insurance industry - to help get them up to speed as quickly as possible and maximise their chance of success.


So, if you want to understand why you can no longer get coffee from Edward Lloyd, why mutuals have members and why digital is the dream - we can explain everything :)

Go-To-Market Strategy Workshop


Create your go-to-market strategy with a one day workshop:


What is it?


An interactive online session, tailored to you. Open to anyone from your company, we will give an overview of today’s insurance domain & the implications for you.

(This can be over 1 day or split across separate days. Specifically targeted to the UK insurance industry.)


  • An up-to-date summary of the insurance industry, trends and opportunities

  • What your target audience really thinks makes a good sales pitch

  • Valuable feedback on whether your pitch meets their criteria

Go to Market strategy
Example of one-day workshop




context, key players/personas/stats, trends, challenges, responses, etc...



context, key players/personas/stats, trends, challenges, responses, etc...







what makes a great sales pitch to insurers vs. a really poor one

Artboard 8.png

“I have no doubt that we have grown thanks to the knowledge & input from these incredibly experienced & talented individuals. We are now in a market leading position thanks to The Camelot Network.”

André Symes, Managing Director, Genasys Technologies

Been there done that

Been There And Done That Talent


Looking to enact rapid and effective change in your business?


Bring your challenge to The Camelot Network and we will provide you access to our great pool of expert talent.

With over 150 members, we deliver a breadth of independent, flexible expertise, through the power of this diverse network.

Through our single-point-of-entry engagement model, you will have a personal go-to contact within The Camelot Network.

This enables us to create a bespoke solution, tailor-made for your needs.

Whether you require specific expertise, really flexible services, or a project team formed to your needs, we specialise in enabling rapid and effective change.

Our members have strong integrity, providing an independent service, and enabling a solution without bias.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the right people to help you solve any challenges as you grow your business.

Tap into the full power of the network.

Corporate Partner

Become a Corporate Partner


Unlock exclusive services and open the door to a unique range of support & services through an annual package.

This is a 12 month scheme where you benefit from the following:

Exclusive invitations to Camelot Connect events!

Promotion and exclusive access to insurers through collaboratively exploring a particular topic within insurance. These are held every ~2 months.

Key focuses: participation, interaction, debate –networking at its finest.

Public announcement of your Corporate Partnership

A social media post to over 3.5k insurance contacts



Access to ad-hoc support, from one of the  members, acting as a soundboard for anything you need

Branding on the Camelot Network website!

Your logo included on our website as our official Corporate Partner

Concierge service

We will source members with specific skills and experiences for you to set up commercial relationships with

Hearn aids

Hearing Aids

Who is Hearing Aid UK?

Hearing Aid UK is a national hearing aid retailer consisting of a network of well-established and highly regarded independent Hearing Aid Audiologists covering the UK.


Our core business is the retail of hearing aids. We also process all hearing aid claims for Direct Line Group. Having done so for two and a half years we are now looking to expand to working with other insurance companies.


Why work with us? Independent hearing aid retailers have come top in the last five Which? reports into our industry. As we are the largest network of said independents, Which? consider this to apply to us and allow us to say as such on our websites. We are the highest rated supplier DLG have ever worked with, our customer satisfaction scores broke the record. We offer preferential rates on insurance work providing savings of 20 - 60% vs high street retail prices. We provide a complete fulfilment pathway to a sector of often vulnerable policy holders. They will have a single contact handling their claim who will have extensive product knowledge and will be able to process their claim quickly and efficiently. Not only do we replace the lost hearing aids, we also supply all ongoing after care and support including home visits When we first started working with DLG a trial was run with us against the other main supplier in the industry, Countrywide Hearing (associated with the Davies Group) and DLG chose to give 100%of the business to us.


What we are looking for: Quite simply more work. We have built up our capacity both on the processing and fulfilment side of the business so are now able to take on more claim work.


What do you get out of it? Payment for results. We are confident that if you get us in front of the right people then most insurance companies would be keen to work with us. We are an ethical and generous company and we will work out on a case-by-case basis what we would be happy to pay for an introduction that results in us getting a contract.


David Taylor Managing Director, Hearing Aid UK LTD


They are offering preferential rates to Camelot members,  providing savings of 20 - 60% vs high street retail prices.

Click below to contact Hearing Aid UK directly to get more information and a quote.

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