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Connecting the world of insurance

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The Camelot MarketPlace has been created from a need identified by the Camelot Network.  Our founder, David Clamp, is often asked to recommend someone or something to an individual or company and this “broking” service is carried out manually.


By bringing together Insurers, Insurtechs, Solution Providers, and Insurance Experts, the Camelot MarketPlace aims to connect companies who need something with people and companies who have what they need - be it information, insights, connections or products and services.

Our community offers expertise and professionalism for both companies and consultants, so be sure to join us at Camelot MarketPlace.

Who is this for?


Camelot Experts

Independent consultants who have been in senior roles in the Insurance Industry


Corporate Partners

A Corporate Solution Provider who pays to get exclusive access to the network, on an annual basis.


Insurers, MGAs and Brokers

Insurers, MGAs, and Brokers - companies who sell insurance or are an agent/broker

Camelo Experts

01 Camelot Experts

The Camelot Network has been running since 2018 and offers a very powerful support network for its 150+ and growing members, who are all independent consultants. It has also created a very powerful brand across the insurance space, with a very active social media presence and strong word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our community offers expertise and professionalism across the entire insurance landscape  Learn more about what we have going on right now, by browsing our website and getting in touch.

Corporate Partners

02 Corporate Partners

This is a 12 month scheme where you receive:

  • Announcement to all 200+ Experts and on social media (5000+ LN connections). Your logo on our website (as a Corporate Partner)

  • Access to the Camelot Network to promote you and drive door openers, sales opportunities/leads across the insurance sector

  • Invites to our range of virtual and face to face member collaboration events - with Camelot members, Insurers/MGAs/Brokers and other Corporate Partners

  • Ongoing support from your Account Manager and the central team, e.g. in sourcing Camelot Experts with specific skills, experiences and who have worked at your target insurance companies - for great insider intel. Plus support with your social media activities

Risk & Insurance

03 Insurers, MGAs and Brokers

Every business has obstacles to overcome. It's how you overcome them which dictates how successful you are.

By harnessing the power of our diverse network across the insurance industry, Camelot can help you access the specialist knowledge, expertise or products and services that you need..

Whatever your challenge or problem is, we’ve got the people, talent, skills, and expertise to find the right solution. Our 150+ members have a huge range of experience, having truly ‘been there and done it’ in senior corporate insurance roles and as independent consultants. 

The breadth of this collective expertise means that we can tailor our support precisely to your circumstances – whether making your business more efficient, future-proofing it through change, or helping you to gain or maintain leadership in your field. 

Camelot is all about connections. Through engagement with us, you can also gain significant exposure for your company, product and personal brand. 

Our members’ independence ensures that they work without bias or ties, designing and implementing the right industry-leading steps for you. Integrity is important to us and our advisors are passionate about improving the insurance industry, for businesses and customers alike.

This is all achieved through our single-point of entry model – ensuring you get rapid access to the right expertise, as and when you need it.

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Woods and trees can be difficult to tell apart when you’re too close to them. The Camelot Network reminded us of that in straightforward style this evening - a hugely helpful refocus. We got strong, constructive feedback that will guide us in refining our pitch and approach. I can’t recommend enough the Road Test experience to anyone - vendor, provider, consultant - seeking a lot of learning / constructive challenge in a compressed amount of time.

Chris McKibbin, LogicLayer

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