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A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea

By Bob Burg and John David Mann

The GO-GIVER book cove. Credit: Portfolio.

The book in three words?

Authentic - Unforgettable - Inspiring

What is it about?

Written by popular conference speaker, Bob Burg, and successful entrepreneur, John David

Mann, THE GO-GIVER, teaches the cruciality of giving in the form of a fictional story.

We are taken on a journey with Joe, a go-getter, as he is guided by Pindar, a successful

businessman, through the ‘Five Laws of Stratospheric Success’, meeting interesting

characters and seeing the ‘Five Laws’ in action along the way.

What are the ‘Five Laws of Stratospheric Success’?

1) The Law of Value

2) The Law of Compensation

3) The Law of Influence

4) The Law of Authenticity

5) The Law of Receptivity

The GO-GIVER not only tells us about these laws but teaches them through examples in the

narrative. The result? Lasting impact that enables you to enrich your own and others’


Who is this book for?

Honestly, THE GO-GIVER is a gift to everyone because of its universal teachings. No

matter your age or if you are in the business world or not, this book will provide you with lessons

you can use at work and in other areas of your life.

What do members of The Camelot Network think?

“A book I wish I’d read at the start of my career. A page-turner that gently imparts knowledge

in ways that mentally and emotionally connect. There are some great characters in this book, I

find myself looking out for them in the people I meet. I also recommend the other books in the


- Mark Simpson, Founder and Director of Resilient Changing

"Very simple but incredibly powerful business idea - told in a short story format, that turns the

classic corporate model on its head. This simple idea encapsulates the founding ethos of the

Camelot Network - Helping others first - and the world sure does have a funny way of going

around in circles. An excellent, short but very impactful read."

- David Clamp, Founder and Managing Director of Merlin Digital Consulting and The

Camelot Network

To sum it up:

THE GO-GIVER is a life-altering book with an important message on the power of giving.

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Written by Chloe Allison

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