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The Future Of Insurance

From Disruption To Evolution

A New Generation Of Insurers For Changing Customer Expectations

By Bryan Falchuk

The Future Of Insurance book cover. Credit: Insurance Evolution Press.

The book in three words?

Invaluable - Rich - Honest

What is it about?

Written by Camelot’s own best selling author, Bryan Falchuk, The Future Of Insurance: From

Disruption To Evolution is a treat for those working in the insurance industry. Bryan is

not only an author but is also a Founder and Managing Partner of Insurance and Evolution

Partners, so he offers an invaluable perspective. The book follows the true stories of eight

insurance start-ups and provides many important lessons to help you on your

insurance journey.

The book is written in a logical way, and the ‘Foundations For The Future’ sections at the

end of each story gives you a moment to summarise and reflect on the key lessons. Due

to the tactful use of start-up stories you get to learn in a concise and relevant way. Clear,

relevant, and reality-driven, The Future Of Insurance is a useful tool to navigate the

insurance industry with.

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What is the future of insurance?

The stories and summary sections offer great tips such as making sure you stay focused on

what customers truly need or just because something is difficult it doesn't make it wrong.

These tips and lessons across the book, help you develop the right attitude towards your

role in the insurance industry, making success more probable.

As explained in the chapter, ‘Moving Forward’, the overarching foundations for the

future are: to think diversely, make capital strategic and create real advantage.

Simply hearing these foundations are not enough though, you need to read the book to

fully understand what these definitions mean and see them at play in the stories, in order

to employ them yourself.

Who is this book for?

This book is good for you no matter where you are in your insurance industry career.

Full of clear explanations and various lessons, The Future Of Insurance is a great read for

beginners and experts alike. It will teach you how to make positive changes in the

insurance industry whether you are the business leader of a start-up or incumbent.

A moment with the author:

“After living on the carrier and startup side, seeing how much opportunity we as an industry

have for change, but how often various challenges and barriers get in our way, I wanted to

help us move forward. In my book series, The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to

Evolution, I share direct case studies, written from first-hand research I’ve done by

getting in deep with the people at the companies who lived the stories, to try to inspire

anyone in Insurance to see a path ahead.”

“The latest installment, Volume II. The Startups, shares very real stories of the ups and

down, challenges and wins of eight startup insurers so that we can all take lessons,

regardless of whether we’re at a startup, incumbent or something else entirely. I hope

anyone reading these books takes the lessons in, looks at their particular situation, and sees

how they might break through and make meaningful change themselves through the

inspiration they take from the stories of others doing just that.”

- Bryan Falchuk, Author of The Future Of Insurance series and Managing Partner

at Insurance Evolution Partners

To sum it up:

By providing invaluable lessons through the telling of other people’s experiences, The

Future Of Insurance provides you with a clearer sense of how you can make a positive

change in the insurance industry no matter where you are within it.

Want to know more?

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Contact Bryan at [insert email]

Written by Chloe Allison

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