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The Behaviour Business

How To Apply Behavioural Science For Business Success

By Richard Chataway

Book cover of The Behaviour Business. Credit: Harriman House.

The book in three words?

Enlightening - Trustworthy - Witty

What is it about?

Written by successful business leader, Richard Chataway, The Behaviour Business is an

important guide for the workplace. To put it simply, the book gives you insights into

behavioural science and teaches you how to use this knowledge for your own business

success. From ‘test-tube behaviours’ to ethical AI, Chataway has got you covered.

Something that becomes quickly apparent whilst reading the book is that if you lead a

business, you are already a part of influencing behaviour. Chataway provides you with the

understanding and tools to act on this positively.

The Behaviour Business explores how to overcome modern challenges in the business

sector, have happy employees, committed customers and effectively innovate as well

as much more! Chataway teaches that the key to gaining and retaining these things is

morally influencing behaviour.

So, you’re in the business of behaviour. What now?

Chataway answers this question in a clear but thorough way. The real-life examples infused

throughout the pages aid your understanding and the chapters end with a ‘What Now?’

section. These sections, summarise the essential points covered so far as well as what the

reader can do with this newly gained information. Not only do you end each chapter

feeling more knowledgeable, but you are also in a better position to apply the

teachings to your own business.

Who is this book for?

Despite being filled to the brim with helpful information, The Behaviour Business is

accessible and clear. This means you do not need to be an expert from when you open the

first page! Chataway teaches that understanding how to ethically influence behaviour is

an essential part of a successful business. So, if you are a leader of a business of any

size, Chataway’s guidance will be especially advantageous for you.

A moment with the author:

What inspired you to write the book?

“Having spent over a decade working in applied behavioural science I observed that

whilst there was a widespread successful application in society – addressing challenges in

public health, finance, and security – businesses were not using this new knowledge to their

advantage. Every business challenge will have an aim to address behaviour in some way, of

either your customers or your teams (or both), so there’s much we can learn from this

relatively new discipline. If you’re in business, you are in the business of behaviour –

and so I wanted to create a handy, practical introduction to some of the many ways we

can successfully influence behaviour in business, for good.”

What would you like people to gain by reading the book?

“I hope readers take away that people are perhaps a little less rational than we traditionally

assume, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them make better decisions – that benefit

themselves, and business. My aim is that by reading the book readers understand why

people – including themselves – do what they do and that by treating people as humans

they can better address business challenges in creating new products and services,

data, performance, recruitment, marketing and research. The book advocates adopting

‘test-tube behaviours’ – a best practice application of behavioural science along with a

rigorous test-and-learn approach, as practised by some of the leading 21st-century

businesses – and offers handy tips and relatable examples throughout to bring it to


- Richard Chataway, Author of The Behaviour Business, CEO of BVA Nudge Unit

UK and Founder of the Communication Science Group

To sum it up:

The Behaviour Business guides you on a logical and informative path that will leave you

with a heightened understanding of how influencing your own and others' behaviour

works. Chataway helps you to be an effective business leader that creates positive


Want to know more?

Find out more about Richard Chataway’s The Behaviour Business here


Listen to the Behaviour Business podcast here

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Written by Chloe Allison

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