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From Crew To Captain II: A Privateer’s Tale

Making The Transition From Working For A Big Institution To Operating As A Sole

Practitioner Consultant

By David Mellor

The From Crew To Captain II: A Privateer’s Tale book cover. Credit: Filament Publishing.

The book in three words?

Insightful - Supportive - Useful

What is it about?

A Privateer’s Tale, the second book in the From Crew to Captain series is an invaluable

resource. Written by successful mentor and Camelot member, David Mellor, this book

empowers you to reach your Sole Practioner Consultant dreams. Focusing on the role

of a Consultant and how to sell and deliver services, A Privateer’s Tale takes you on a clear

guided journey of self-reflection and insight.

The book is incredibly well informed, due to the success of its author and the survey of

Sole Practitioners that was conducted. Snippets of information and quotes from the survey

are disbursed throughout the book. This alongside, the knowledge of the author provides

you with strong guidance from those who have been there and done that.

So, how do you go from crew to captain?

Mellor illustrates that you need to go into the process of transitioning from crew to

captain with your eyes wide open. A Privateer’s Tale helps you to do exactly that. Also, it

is clear from the book that it requires many things to be an effective Sole Practioner

Consultant such as knowing your route to market and networking, and much more. Do not

fret though as Mellor breaks everything down in a clear way. There is even a

Self-Diagnostic Check, allowing you to reflect and then know how to move forward in your

process of going from crew to captain.

Who is this book for?

If you are having a career shift and are anywhere in your journey from crew-mate to a

Sole Practioner this book is for you. A Privateer’s Tale is filled to the brim with direct

guidance, tips, and business experiences. No matter where you are on your journey, you are

likely to learn something new from this tale.

What do members of The Camelot Network think?

“Such an excellent resource for anyone starting out on their journey as an Independent

Consultant: easy to read and refer back to again and again.”

- Marisa Murton, Director and Principal Data Scientist of Solvlab- Analytics

A moment with the author:

What inspired you to write the book?

“It was prompted really by the fact that I wished the advice in the book had been

available to me when I set up my own consultancy practice in 2001. It was published in

2014, so it includes 13 years of my experiences (both good and bad!). My aim was to help

other people go on the journey with “eyes wide open”, learning from what I had personally

experienced and what I had observed others experience. It also helped to reinforce the

reputation I was gaining as the consultant’s consultant.”

What would you like people to gain by reading the book?

“I think the main gains would be as follows:

● How to make the transition successfully from a role in a large organisation to

being, initially at least, a sole practitioner.

● A clearer understanding of what “good” looks like in the consultancy world.

● A methodology to sell consultancy services, and to turn strangers into cash in the


● An appreciation of how to create ‘client delight’ so that your clients stay with you

and say good things about you in the marketplace.”

- David Mellor, Author of From Crew To Captain II: A Privateer’s Tale and

Director of David Mellor Mentoring

To sum it up:

In A Privateer’s Tale, Mellor provides you with heaps of support and insight into the

process of becoming and being a brilliant Sole Practitioner. This book gives you the

framework, you just need to use it in your own way.

Want to know more?

Buy David Mellor’s Crew To Captain book series or contact him here


Contact me at

Written by Chloe Allison

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