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Camelot provides support to a global reinsurer

A global reinsurer sought expertise from Camelot for crafting their new digital strategy. They attended a workshop led by Camelot experts and engaged a team of three experts to further develop their strategy.

The client wanted to refine their draft strategy before presenting it to their Board. They sought an external viewpoint from experts who had experience in conceptualizing and implementing digital strategies.

The project involved examining previous efforts, clarifying objectives, understanding stakeholder positions, and adapting to remote work due to the pandemic. The Camelot experts acted as facilitators, providing valuable content, and integrating into the client team. They organized virtual workshops using collaborative tools and encouraged reflection between sessions.

The workshops were designed to allow the client ample preparation time and encouraged real-time oversight. In addition to aiding strategy formulation, the team aimed to enhance the client's skills and confidence.

Frequent review sessions ensured alignment with project objectives and allowed for necessary amendments. The collaborative effort resulted in the successful execution of the digital strategy project within timelines and budget, leading to the client formulating and securing approval for its strategy.

The client also received resources for implementation, monitoring, and management, contributing to present value and future-proofing

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the process and outcome, remarking that it offered tremendous value at a fraction of their customary expenses.

If you have an insurance challenge or opportunity that could benefit from the insights of our experts and corporate partners, please contact us.

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Camelot provides support to a global reinsurer

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