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Be More Pirate

Or How To Take On The World And Win

By Sam Conniff Allende

The Be More Pirate book cover. Credit: Penguin.

The book in three words?

Refreshing - Exciting - Rebellious

What is it about?

Modern pirate and public speaker, Sam Conniff Allende, takes you through the history of

the Golden age pirates and presents what you can learn from their mischief and

principles. Allende makes you challenge everything you thought you knew about pirates and

by the end of the book, you will be equipped with your own changemaker values.

Be More Pirate is a rebel-rousing call to action. The book discusses a diverse range of

Golden age and modern ‘pirates’ and their principles. Through this and the opportunities for

development and reflection provided, Allende aids you in becoming a better individual

and encourages you to make the world a nicer, fairer place by embracing your inner


How can you be more pirate?

Allende lays out that breaking the status quo, rewriting the rules, collaborating and

aiming for scale, fighting for fairness, and weaponizing your stories are the key ways

to becoming your best pirate self. Reading the book allows you to understand these

principles and build a plan to do them in your own way.

Who is this book for?

The book teaches that pirate principles can be anchors for any part of your life, so no matter

where you are in your career, who you are, or what your job is, this book is for you. Due to

some of the topics covered, Be More Pirate is especially good for team leaders or

‘captains’ and aspiring changemakers.

What do members of The Camelot Network think?

“Coming out of a Corporate world into Independent Consultancy can be daunting, this is a

book that can help you thrive. The author takes you on a journey into how pirates were true

innovators and pioneers, how you can use these approaches and tactics in your own journey

to independence. Part history, part manifesto Sam shares his passion and knowledge of

Pirates and his experience of building the highly regarded Livity agency. As Steve Jobs said,

‘I’d rather be a pirate than join the Navy.’”

- James Downes, Founder and CEO of House of Insurtech

To sum it up:

Be More Pirate does exactly what it says in the title, it helps you create positive change by

enabling you to, well, be more pirate! This book encourages you to learn from the past and

use it to build a fantastic future. By the end of this, you’ll be ready to take on exploitation

and unfairness in your own way and declare yourself a pirate!

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Written by Chloe Allison

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Be More Pirate

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