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Be Less Zombie

How Great Companies Create Dynamic Innovation, Fearless Leadership And Passionate


By Elvin Turner

The Be Less Zombie book cover. Credit: Wiley.

The book in three words?

Practical - Direct - Punchy

What is it about?

Written by innovation expert, Elvin Turner, Be Less Zombie should be a welcome addition

to the bookshelves of business leaders. Focusing on the why’s, what’s, when’s, and

how’s of innovation, the book is an incredibly useful helping hand to company success.

Be Less Zombie teaches you the innovation strategy to employ to be ‘more unicorn’. The

book is jammed with clear tips as well as occasional diagrams and illustrations that allow you

to gain a deep understanding of what’s being said, meaning you can then put the tips and

strategies into practice. To put it simply, Turner knows his stuff and when you finish this

book, you’ll have the footing to become a super innovator.

How can you be less zombie?

Turner teaches you that you can become less zombie by turning on your innovation

strategy and then turning it up. Be Less Zombie shows you exactly how to put that

guidance into action.

Who is this book for?

Due to its focus on innovation strategy for companies, this book is ideal for business

leaders. The detailed but uncluttered approach means that Be Less Zombie will be useful

to you no matter where you are in your business career.

What do members of The Camelot Network think?

“Be Less Zombie answers that key question: how do you actually make innovation

happen in an organisation! Elvin has written an immensely practical playbook with short

chapters that is full of useful tools and tips to make innovation a success. Well written,

succinct, useful stories, I highly recommend it..”

- Harvey Wade, Founder and Managing Director of Innovate21

To sum it up:

Be Less Zombie offers invaluable advice and tips on how to turn on and then turn up

your innovation strategy. With innovation being such a key part of company survival,

reading this book is essential as it will help you bring your innovation a-game to the table

and ensure that your company thrives.

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Written by Chloe Allison

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