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Insurers, MGAs and Brokers

Every business has obstacles to overcome. It's how you overcome them which dictates how successful you are.

By harnessing the power of our diverse network across the insurance industry, Camelot can help you access the specialist knowledge, expertise or products and services that you need.

Membership for Insurers, MGAs and Brokers is free and provides you access to a wide range of invaluable services.
The free  membership includes:

Invitations to a range of Camelot networking and thought leadership events

Invite to join The Camelot Exec Roundtable, where you will be part of specially curated peer to peer roundtable discussions

Individual access to the Camelot Marketplace - marketplace directory and resource centre

Invitations to a range of Camelot networking and thought leadership events

Once you become a member, you will have access to the following fee based services:

Posting career adverts on the Camelot Jobs Board

Camelot's expertise finding service, where we will source and connect you to the Expert or Corporate Partner that can best help you.

A wide range of workshops where our knowledgeable, experienced and battle scarred experts will help you with your business needs.

Personal Development Coaching or Mentoring

Additional services like tender writing, finding the best technology solution or benchmarking your business


What a valuable experience! I was expecting the session to be good, but the engagement and level of feedback you shared was awesome!

Oyin Bamgbose,

Vice President of Sales, Infinity

I would highly recommend Camelot to any insurance business looking to overcome a challenge.

Hayley Maynard,

Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Chaucer

A highly innovative approach to gaining insights into the insurance industry and testing the language,
terminology & pain points of its senior leaders.

Matt Flenley,

Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Datactics

I have no doubt that we have grown thanks to the knowledge & input from these incredibly experienced
& talented individuals.

André Symes,

Managing Director, Genasys Technologies

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