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Exclusive Services

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Who is it for?

Leadership skills such as communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making can be developed through mentoring and coaching. Mentors and coaches can work with individuals to help them develop and apply these skills in real-world situations.


How does it work?

Camelot has a panel of approved and vetted Coaches and Mentors. On application, Camelot will run a matching service to find the right fit for you.  A free initial meeting is arranged for both parties to assess whether the fit is right for them.  

Once both parties are happy to continue, it is up to them to arrange future meeting dates and times.  No feedback is passed back to Camelot and all sessions are confidential.


How do I apply?

To apply, fill in your details in the form below and we will be in touch to match you with your mentor or coach.


How do I know if I need a Mentor or a Coach?

Choosing a mentor or a coach is determined by your needs.  Generally, if you have a specific goal or objective that you need focus on, then a coach is what you need, whereas if its more general career and personal development, a mentor could be a good fit. 


Mentoring: The Definition

Mentoring is a supportive relationship where an experienced individual guides and advises another person to help them develop skills and knowledge and achieve their personal or professional goals.


Coaching: The Definition

Coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that facilitates personal and professional development, empowering individuals to enhance their skills, achieve objectives, and maximize their potential.

Get started to find the right mentor or coach for you

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