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Members may register for the Service as:

Camelot Experts

- Independent consultants who have expertise in a particular field in the insurance sector and have had more than 5 years working in a Senior position,

Insurance & Risk

- A company  whose primary business is writing insurance or reinsuring risks underwritten by insurance companies

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Service Provider

 - Any company or business providing goods or services to the insurance industry. They are (normally) a vendor who wants to offer a platform, technology or service to insurance companies to solve an industry problem,

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Corporate Partner 

A Service Provider who pays to get exclusive access to the Camelot Expert network, on an annual basis.  They can either be new to insurance and want to raise their profile and get help on their offering, or be established as a start-up/scale-up and are looking to grow,

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Companies providing specifically 

technological innovations that are created and implemented to improve the efficiency of the insurance industry. This includes the creation, distribution, and administration of the insurance business.  

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Membership Plans

Camelot Expert Monthly Subscription

£30 / Month

£25 (+ VAT of £5)

Ongoing subscription

Pay monthly or annually (Annual plan gets 1 month free)

Full access to all The Camelot Network member benefits:


Be part of a supportive, values-based community, where you are encouraged to walk tall and help others to do likewise.


Partner and collaborate to take on bigger work opportunities, join a Think Tank to connect with a subset of members passionate about a particular topic, attend regular networking events, form lasting friendships, and have fun along the way!


Access our ever-expanding bank of helpful resources, including ‘how-to’ guides, templates and targeted advice, tap into the collective expertise of the community through our discussion forum, and attend online training workshops to enhance your capabilities.

Membership will automatically renew, but can be cancelled at any time (with a notice period of 30 days)

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