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Camelot's Mission is to connect the world of insurance to release potential - for everyone's benefit
  • What is a Corporate Partner?
    A Corporate Partner is a Solution Provider who pays to get exclusive access to the network, on an annual basis.
  • Who is a Corporate Partnership for?
    They are (normally) a vendor who wants to offer a platform, technology or service to insurance companies to solve an industry problem. They can either be new to insurance and want to raise their profile and get help on their offering, or be established as a start-up/scale-up and are looking to grow.
  • What do we offer a Corporate Partner?
    Branding on our site and marketing materials A “Meet the Corporate Partner” session with members on Zoom The ability to ask questions to the network Exclusive access to Camelot Connect events.
  • What benefit do you get from a Corporate Partnership?
    Raised brand awareness Interacting with Experts to gain knowledge of the industry Interacting with our insurance business contacts at our Camelot Connect events Introductions made by Experts to their insurance business contacts
  • Why do we do a Corporate Partnership?
    These Corporate Partnerships bring in necessary funding. This funding enables us to cover costs, for example paying for the wonderful services of Bright Lights, that mean the network keeps on running! Our core aim is to help you all with opportunities and a platform to grow and network - the Corporate Partnerships enable us to do just that.
  • How does a Corporate Partnership impact you as an Expert?
    If you engage - you can build connections, share expertise, find paid consulting work, and even get referral fees. (If you don’t engage - you may notice their branding around, and may come across them at the Camelot Connect events, but otherwise there is nothing required of you.)
  • How do you get involved with a Corporate Partner?
    Come along to the “Meet the Corporate Partner” sessions View their bio-pages on our website Check out their website (link on their bio-page) Get in contact with them for a chat
  • How can you help?
    If you like their offering… Suggest them as an option to your insurance contacts - this can lead to that referral fee. You might even be involved in helping them onboard with your contacts. (If you don’t like their offering… Why is that? - get in contact, share your wisdom and build a relationship offering advice, this may lead to paid consultancy.) Bigger scale, if you know of any companies who might benefit from a Corporate Partnership, then please do an intro for them to David Clamp. If they become a Corporate Partner, there can be a referral fee!


Since setting up his own consulting business in January 2017, the Founder, David Clamp has met many other independent advisors and consultants facing similar setup challenges, ongoing issues, workload peaks, troughs, etc. whilst delivering consultancy services to companies within the insurance industry. He was surprised at a) how much there is to learn and get right when starting out on your own and b) how he missed not being a part of a wider supportive network to plug into – with the many human benefits this gives.


A network of independent advisors and consultants was started in June 2018 with the aim to help each other out – as simple as that. We started with 15 members and are now at over 150! Typically, our members have “been there and done it” in C-Suite/Head of roles and have now decided to work independently. One of the reasons why Camelot has grown so quickly is that it is very much a human-oriented, values-based network (rather than the more corporate-like culture of rules and procedures).


As we are a collection of equals helping each other out, we really like the image and ethos of Arthur’s Round Table, so “Camelot” was chosen. As members, you get an equal seat at our virtual round table.


  • The most important value we have is we help others first….as the world has a strange way of going around in circles! This has really underpinned the tremendous success and growth of Camelot

  • We can trust each other – as we are all equals sitting around the same virtual round table

  • We encourage active participation – you get out what you put in – it’s entirely your call, and we also fully understand that your other needs sometimes take priority – such as those of your clients and your personal life

  • We are independent, and objective and operate with full integrity

  • We value the contribution of all members, appreciating their wisdom, diverse experiences, and differing opinions

  • We recognise the great value that inclusion and diversity bring and strive to act on this and help influence others in this regard

  • We actively support the sustainability of our planet and seek to help influence others in this regard

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